Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dorothy Perkins stacked bracelet

Dorothy Perkins bracelet
Hello everyone,
Now look at these beauties.How can you decide which one to wear .Well you don't ..You can put all of them on and mix and match metals,leather and rhinestones even put on a watch in the middle of all of them for that arm candy effect .Remember years ago you would not dare put on mix metal or bracelet that were not a set,but now we can mix it all up.Gold ,silver,metal, leather and rhinestone .Now a days anything goes .which makes it easier for us woman just to stack them and go.I like the stack look but sometimes when you are wearing a outfit that is simple and classic I like to wear one simple bangle and a watch.Silver has been very popular for the last couple of years and gold was not but I believe everything comes full circle.Tell me what looks are you into .
Till next post.Stay fabulous.

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