Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shoes,shoes and more shoes/storage

Hello ladies,
Today I want to talk about shoes.We all know how important shoes are to most woman.
Ahh shoes.How many woman will risk discomfort just to walk in those heels that you know will finish off the look of fabulously you got going on.Some woman spend a great amount of  money in shoes but once they get home they just put them under their closet,beds or on a back of the door shoe rack.I know most of us have limited space in our homes but ladies if you have the space I'am going to show you some ideas on how to store your shoes in a beautiful and practical Way while providing you to see all your shoes.Thous eliminating the chance of you picking up the same shoe every time.I think that if you are going to have more then a few pairs this is a good way to store them.Have fun using you imagination.

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