Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Michael kors must haves

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Hello ladies,
Today I want to share with you a few items that are basic but beautiful and non fussy.
The blouse is beautiful you can dress it up with the blazer or you can also wear with some distress
Jeans and it you decide to wear it  with this vest now you made it casual.Now lets talk about leggings one of the greatest things created in the word of fashion.When leggings were first introduce I personally was not on the band wagon.They tend to be thin like thick tights and solid black. Now years later they come in all thickness,colors ,patterns and even with embellishment .They  are comfortable while still put together . This grouping has the essential accessories you need to finish off the look .A watch and purse which by the way I'am a watch and purse whore I can't never get
Enough..Ha ha ha  Oh I almost forgot the shoes of course now we look fabulous .Lets go and put some looks together ladies.Post me a comment let me know how you would make your own outfit
Fabulous !

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